Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Jennifer Stephens, aka Jen for lazy people who don't want to waste their breath with the full name, started out in radio in college.  She was the first female manager at her college radio station and worked part -time at local  stations while earning her degree in Broadcast Journalism at Northern Michigan University. Jen went on to work in radio in Detroit, Philadelphia and Chicago before returning to Marquette to launch 'The Jen Show' in 2014.

Now I'm switching tense to first person because it's just me writing this :)

I love radio.  I've loved radio ever since I can remember.  My very  first memories are listening to Tiger games  with my dad and my grandfather on those little transistor radios. Then as a teenager listening to CKLW in Detroit and evolving to the big FM rock stations obsessively digesting Bob Seger and Ted Nugent as a champion of all things Michigan -- always.  I was on student council at Rochester High School and worked really hard on a big charity basketball game with the disc-jockeys from WRIF-- they came to our school to play our teachers and staff in a benefit event for Leader Dogs for the Blind.  I just remember being in total awe of actually seeing the  voices I was used to only hearing inside my radio.  Radio was always and still is,  very mysterious to me.

It's difficult to articulate but it's like.... it's out there in the stratosphere, but it's also so very highly personal, one and one and intimate with that one single person listening on the other side of the microphone. Although admittedly, social media has certainly chipped away at some of the mystique. And no,  I am not blond.

First loves, passions and interests you ask?  Well since I've been rising and shining at 3am for over 30 years now coffee is my first love -- although it never gets old explaining to friends and family why I can not go to -- fill in the blank event- because I have to get up early.  I'm being snarky.  I get sick of explaining myself all the time so if you're reading this and we're supposed to be going out drinking tonight - please do not badger me when I attempt to go home.  After coffee in a quick succession of passions, loves and interest.... reading (books and newspapers-obsessed with reading the paper -- love, love, love)   shopping, cocktailing, eating anything containing sugar,  napping, Pilates, riding my bike and dogs. I proudly can identify most dog breeds.  Do you know what a Dandie  Dinmont Terrier looks like?   I do!  Things I pretend to be interested in: sports -  so
I have something to talk to boys about. Dislikes: bad grammar and people who look at their phones all the time.

Jen Show fun fact -- my favorite thing in the whole entire world besides loving my family and friends (have to mention them in case they read this) my favorite thing --  talking to you.  Connecting to listeners.  Walking down the street having someone drive by and  yell  " JENNNNNNN....."  out their car window.  Having someone say, "Jen you made me laugh this morning".  I work really hard collecting, organizing and digesting life so I can spew it back out on the show the next morning.  And I love each and every second of it -- even when my alarm goes off at 3:20am.  Thank you for listening to Q-107.  Please do not rub on it!